With this project I'm not trying to capture the typical dancer poses, but create a space of experimentation and freedom.  I paint the dancer, however it develops on the day, and then photograph them usually unposed and flowing in motion.  Each shoot is like a spontaneous, temporary performance and I'm often told it feels as if they are going through a transformation. 
Big thanks to all the dancers/aerialists/yogis who've collaborated with me:  Sabel Vazquez, Maxine Carlisle, Naomi Hibberd, Saki Itoh, Gemma Lewis, Agatha Moura, Liz Bennett, Twisted Element, Rhiannon Phillips, Angie Cooney, Evie Leah, Mikayla Bayliss, Rocio Lequio, Majo Martirena, Lali Miramon, Brooke Lane, Bryn Nugent, Elizabeth Monaghan, Alya Leah Rumyantseva, Talia, Barbara Healey.     You can see more photos of the project on my instagram:  @jobayl1ss
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